Question by  senthil (19)

Can you enlist in any of the armed services with felonies on your record?


Answer by  duneraider21 (149)

The armed services conducts extensive background checks prior to enlisting. Some brances are more strict on their enlistment policies, such as the air force, which will most likely reject you if they find a felony on your record. Other branches can grant waivers, which must be signed for by the proper authority, granting you a "get-out-of-jail-free" card.


Answer by  newgeneration (699)

Sometimes, usually not. It depends on the type of offense and how long ago it occurred. Larceny, assault, rape, drug-related crimes and murder will ruin a chance at enlistment.


Answer by  BDD (104)

You can enlist in the military with felonies. I believe it is on a case by case basis. Also depends on how bad the felony was and if you served time. A lot of times recruiters will help you go around the rules in order to hel you get enlisted.


Answer by  FormerMarine (37)

Short and simple, yes, however you will need a waiver. It will be far more difficult to get a waiver if it was a violent crime.

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