Question by  7daykatie (27)

Can I show my reining horse in showmanship competitions?


Answer by  sevenarrow (24)

Absolutely, and you should. Your reining horse is a performance horse, and it's experience in the show ring should not always be " on ". Showmanship exercises control, and also relaxation in your horse's partnership with you. So, go for it!


Answer by  partyanimal33 (452)

Absolutely. Many showmanship classes are open to all breeds and it doesn't matter what other disciplines you do with your horse as the two are unrelated. Many people multi-discipline with their horses and there are no rules against it as long as your horse meets the criteria for the classes you enter him in.


Answer by  SallyManda (308)

Of course you can show a reining horse in showmanship. The horse will need to be trained, however, to do pivot, set up, back, etc on the leadline. Most western showmanship classes prefer a horse with a trimmed main, however, which may put you at a slight disadvantage.


Answer by  jne0493 (83)

In short, the answer is Yes, you can show your reining horse in showmanship competitions. Most showmanship competitions require a horse and rider complete a predefined course, with the fewest errors, and in the shortest amount of time. There is no restriction on the type of horse that may be used.


Answer by  case (1261)

Most horses are very capable for performing one that one discipline even at the competition level. Only you would now if your horse has the mind set for another one.

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