Question by  mc (74)

Can chlorine from a swimming pool hurt my burn?


Answer by  60187guy (120)

You have sunburn or a burn injury? If yes, the chlorine in a swimming pool can help to disinfect any wound and accelerate the healing of the skin. It will not hurt your skin. After swimming in a pool, it's a good idea to take a brief shower in order to wash off the chlorine from your skin.


Answer by  dtalk (428)

No, chlorine won't hurt your burn. But, chlorine can burn your eyes, so it's a good idea not to get too much in your eyes.


Answer by  LLL57 (73)

The simple answer is no. Chlorine can dry out your skin though, and that may make it itch more. If you scratch or rub your burn then it will hurt from the friction and pressure. Be sure to moisturize if you do swim and you should limit any problems.


Answer by  poolguy (61)

If the chlorine is extremely high, if will affect your burn due to the change in the pH of the water level.

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