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Question by  misty (36)

Can a genioplasty be reversed?

I'm having second thoughts about my genioplasty, as it doesn't look as I expected. Can it be reversed?


Answer by  Jebjow (44)

Yes, you could have reconstructive surgery to have your genioplasy reversed. Although, keep in mind, it will unlikely look just as it did prior to your original surgery.


Answer by  TinaMorrison (84)

Yes it can and the sooner the better. The longer you keep it in the more damage can be done to the surrounding tissue and the skin will loosen.


Answer by  tshaw2 (45)

Genioplasty can be reversed, however it is more difficult than one might think. It requires a thorough investigation of why the genioplasty is unsatisfactory. The correction can be made so long as the doctor know what is wrong, and how to fix the problem.


Answer by  otomgr (37)

If not satisfied with your genioplasty, your surgeon can either replace the current implant with one of a different shape or size, or can remove it.

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