Question by  triangular (148)

Can a floppy disk slow down the speed on my computer?

My computer is very slow.


Answer by  mooman2679 (1018)

I'm not too sure what you mean. Your computer does not run off of a floppy disc. Certain older programs can be run from floppies but they are very slow and cumbersome. The only reason the floppy could be making your computer slow is if there was a virus on it affecting your computer.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

A Floppy disk slows down a pc definitely. As the floppy disk uses a magnetic tape with less memory, it takes lots of time for the floppy drive to read the disk and the operating system itself takes some time to read, analyze and process the data stored in the floppy disk.


Answer by  bobbym (55)

NO, the presence or absence of a floppy disc should have no impact on your computer's performance. Odds are, your computer's slowness is caused by something else.


Answer by  anbu (5968)

Cause for slow of the computer,Hard disk drive is short on available disk space,Data Corruption,Computer is overheating,Corrupt OS, Bad Hardware. Solution is, If it is just your Internet that is slow see document CH000986 for reasons why this may be happening.


Answer by  ArunVivek (143)

There can be various reasons behind the slow down of your computer, Please check if you how is your processor and RAM performance, if they are running for full capacity try upgrading the Firmware (CPU,RAM etc.. ). This will solve most of your issues

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