Question by  lindotext (24)

Are youth athletes workouts good or bad?


Answer by  donnybrasco (170)

Youth athelete workouts are fine provided that they are properly geared for the age, phyisical capabilities and stamina of the youth. The problem with youth's working out is that they lift too much weight and it upsets their natural body clock and chemistry. They should work out under strict guidelines to safely make it through puberty.


Answer by  AAM (126)

Any type of workout is good at any age, as long as is being done accordingly with the person's age, health condition, gender, proper nutrition and other factors. Besides that, workout should be done in proper conditions and in a timely manner.


Answer by  Chris86 (29)

This ultimately depends on the age of the athlete in question. Heavy weight lifting should not begin before the child turns 16. Heavy lifting can stunt a young athlete's growth. Cardiovascular workouts are highly recommended however.


Answer by  AmirMeerkatSmallCock (58)

They can be either. As long as the young are not being overworked then they are probably good, but we have all heard horror stories about the injuries among youth athletes in our country, so precautions should be taken to limit youth exertion.

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