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Question by  Me2 (36)

Are there any World War 2 prisoners remaining in the United States?

I am interested in learning more about WW2 prisoners.


Answer by  eyesfan (111)

No. All labor camps were closed at the end of the war. Surviving prisoners were sent back to their respective country if they survived. Some actually stayed and became U. S citizens. In 1944 there were approximately 425,000 German,Italian and Japanese prisoners in labor camps scattered across the U. S

Reply by Vontrez (10):
um no they were just sent to jail u duck.  add a comment
Reply by Vontrez (10):
you prob lokking at like that guy on the picture.  add a comment

Answer by  TheAnswerFairy (2345)

Yes, there are still people living in the United States who were imprisoned during WWII. Every year there are fewer and fewer, though, because they are all very old.


Answer by  Vontrez (10)

Yes after the labor camps were gone they were just sent to jail.

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