Question by  serena (79)

Are Silver Dollars, Corys and Tetras compatible in the same tank?


Answer by  TMyers (1084)

Yes, Silver Dollars, Corys, and Tetras are usually compatible in the same aquarium tank. They may not get along perfectly, but they will not kill each other either.


Answer by  lesreg (100)

No, usually you would not want aggressive fish in with tame fish. Silver dollars will be better with sharks and corys are better with angel and mollies. Tetras can be with corys but they are much better with guppies.


Answer by  Priya12 (218)

Corys and Tetras in a same tank are fine to go, whereas the Silver Dollars fish can not be put along with Corys and Tetras. Silver Dollar fish loves to be in there own group and they need more water than the other two, that is corys and tetras. Corys and tetra just two can be together in single tank.


Answer by  StarOne (941)

If you get Silver Dollars you would need to have more than one as they like to school together. They also require 10 gallons of water per fish.

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