Question by  karthi29198 (33)

Are banks in trouble in America?


Answer by  KulinShah (16)

American banks are in trouble because they have over lent and people have over borrowed also the government has printed three times the dollars against the gold it has this will lead into a crisis which the world has never seen before nor imagined, once the fall out starts there will be no stopping to the doomsday scenario.


Answer by  govindarajan (59)

the banks of America were in trouble before few years due to the sub-prime crisis. this led to the closure of several banks and a great financial crunch in america. but the present president of America has said that America is recovering from financial crisis. so at present american banks are getting recovered slowly from troubles.


Answer by  RJ (50)

If banks are in trouble, it's because they allowed themselves to get there. I do not loan money to someone who may not be able to pay it back.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Most banks that are in trouble made bad loans or invested in derivatives. Many banks loaned money, especially mortgages, to those who could not repay. Think no money down home loans to housekeepers intending to house flip. When the foreclosure rate went up, they began to hemorrhage money. Derivatives are investments in risky loans.

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