Question by  MarieADeime (16)

Are astrology predictions real?


Answer by  asdfjk (45)

No, astroloy predictions are not real. They are generalizations that could apply to anyone's life. There is no way to determine a person's future by the alignment of the stars.


Answer by  Scott2 (35)

Astrology predictions are believed to be real by some, but there is no scientific evidence proving a causal relationship between astrology predictions and actual events. This usually becomes more evident as the prediction becomes more specific, as many of the predicted specifics usually fail to come true.


Answer by  tzuk (5)

astrology is the first science known to man.i don't belive astrology can go as far as predicting what will hapen the next day in your life,but because of the timing of your birth i do belive it gives you predispozsitions in life.I belive that if you're a strong astrology beliver it can interfere with your life more than if should.


Answer by  SAMEER4162 (15)

Astrology predictions may or may not be real. it is like you can believe in it about 1%. people who believe in astorlogy actually depend on it for their whole life. we are just humans. may be sometimes what we say comes true but that doesn't mean that we have predicted.Our sucess depends on our hardwork not on the prediction.

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