Question by  tbritny (41)

A manufacturer claims that the mean lifetime of its fluorescent bulbs is 1000 hours, is this true?


Answer by  worker3081 (12)

Yes, compact fluorescent light or energy saving light bulbs can get over 6000 hours. This is compared to the old fashioned bulbs, called incandescent, that get 750 to 1000 hours. Great improvement!


Answer by  MrHardware (369)

Since this is the mean life some will do better some will do less. Flourescent bulbs last longer with longer burn times rather than short on/off cylces.


Answer by  vothiquynhyen (41)

well I think the answer depends on the type of the manufacturer. For famous brand name, I believe in what they say. But if the words are from a no-name producer, then I will be very skeptical.


Answer by  1066anand (52)

May be, because the fluorescent lamps life is depends up on the property of the fluorescent and the quantity of the fluorescent and also depend the working voltage and the variation of the voltage in the supply line, the current in the circuit. and also the atmosphear that lamp is working.


Answer by  Jdog37 (592)

This may be true in ideal conditions but there a lot of factors that can change the longevity of a light bulb. Vibration, number of times turned on, power surges, being dimmed, etc. There are many factors that can greatly diminish this number.

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